Now you can manage your newsletter subscription preferences…

Hello everyone, If you’re subscribed to our daily job alert newsletter, then you should be receiving an email letting you know about some changes we’ve made to how our newsletter works. Since launch, I’ve focused on making the Email Newsletter as simple and straight forward as possible. You simply choose the Job Category you’re interested […]

How Writing for Games Works – A Thread By Rhianna Pratchett

Last month, award-winning game writer Rhianna Pratchett took to Twitter in a series of tweets sharing enormous amount of valuable insight into how writing works in the game industry, and the different roles and levels writers can have in the game industry. Rhianna’s career spans multiple popular award-winning games such as Tomb Raider, Mirror’s Edge, […]

Discord Webhooks Are Here!

Discord, the current generation’s IRC, and the chat app that was initially aimed at gamers, have quickly outgrown its initial purpose, and became widely popular and an indispensable tool for work collaboration. Discord is heavily used by Indie studios to communicate amongst the team, and also to bring in gamers to see constant updates from […]

Is This Job 100% Remote? Well Now You Know!

Studios are hiring for remote work at an unprecedented rate. However a lot of this is fueled by the current COVID-19 crisis, and many studios expect recruits to eventually relocate to their headquarter once things settle. So while this is still a great opportunity to start a new career, for some it might be problematic. […]

The Time for Remote Work in the Game Industry is NOW!

Working from home or remotely for your job is hardly a new concept. It’s been there for a very long time. In fact, the first well known case of remote work dates back to over four decades ago, when physicist Jack Nilles worked remotely on NASA’s communication system back in 1973. An effort that awarded […]