Is This Job 100% Remote? Well Now You Know!

100% Fully Remote Game Jobs

Studios are hiring for remote work at an unprecedented rate. However a lot of this is fueled by the current COVID-19 crisis, and many studios expect recruits to eventually relocate to their headquarter once things settle. So while this is still a great opportunity to start a new career, for some it might be problematic.

We heard feedback from game talents that they like to know which jobs are remote on the long run. This makes sense, as you don’t want to waste your time applying for a job that wants you to relocate after few months, and when you can’t afford to do that. So we added a new sign to clearly distinguish fully remote jobs.

100% REMOTE is the sign you want to look for if you want fully remote jobs. When adding your job listing, you will see an option to mark your job as 100% Fully Remote. But what qualifies as 100% remote job? Well, while there isn’t one fully correct definition for it, to us a 100% Remote job is:

  1. Fully remote permanently, and does not expect you to relocate after certain time. E.g. temporary COVID-19 remote jobs do not qualify.
  2. The job is available for remote work by default. Some jobs are open for discussion, but not guaranteed. These do not qualify. Jobs that are open to both remote and physical do qualify.
  3. A job that is remote, but requires occasional short visits to the studio, for example once every few months, still qualifies as 100% remote.

So if you visit our main page, you will already see many jobs highlighted as 100% remote. Luckily, there are many studios open for 100% remote work. One of the most popular is Hypixel. Who are hiring for various fully remote roles, including game design, programming, animation, QA, and more. MythFactory is seeking fully remote environment artist.

Adopt Me!, the record breaking #1 concurrent player count on Roblox, is another studio hiring fully remotely for several positions. And VR enthusiasts can check the small award-winning team from Vancouver, Metanaut, who are also hiring for several fully remote positions.

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