Now you can manage your newsletter subscription preferences…

Hello everyone,

If you’re subscribed to our daily job alert newsletter, then you should be receiving an email letting you know about some changes we’ve made to how our newsletter works. Since launch, I’ve focused on making the Email Newsletter as simple and straight forward as possible. You simply choose the Job Category you’re interested in (or All), and start receiving daily emails about any new jobs matching your choice. And if there aren’t any new jobs for you, you won’t get any email. How much do you hate receiving those “No Jobs Found” empty emails? Still with time, two problems became apparent.

  1. Some jobs could fit into more than one category. E.g. UI Art & UI Design. The same person could be interested in both jobs.
  2. We realized that not everyone wants to get daily email notifications. It can be overwhelming for some, and it’s better to get one email summary a week.

So, armed with that knowledge, we’ve made it possible for you to customize your preferences and specify if you want to get your email newsletter daily or weekly. And you can also subscribe to more than one job category. Which frequency should you choose? If you’re actively on the lookout for a new job, and/or if the kind of jobs you look for fill up quickly, such as audio/music or junior roles, then perhaps Daily is a better option. But if you have a job, but want to keep an eye on the market for good potential job offers, then perhaps the Weekly option is better for you.

To manage your email preferences, simply go to this page, enter your email, and if you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you should get an email with a private link to manage your preferences.

You will also start seeing the manage subscription option at the bottom of the emails you receive regularly. So no need to come back to this email every time. Hope you find the new updates helpful, and please feel free to reply to this email and share any feedback you have. You can also catch me and the Remote Game Jobs community on Discord.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :).

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